Claudia Gschwend

Claudia Gschwend

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Join us in keeping Bulaban Circus alive and running!

Photographer Claudia Gschwend created images around the circus during her visit, and by buying one of these prints, you will directly support the circus and its crowdfunding campaign. 


A women-led social circus nestled in the heart of the Bekaa valley at an organic farm in Lebanon. It is a safe and courageous space that is bright and creative, widely open for children, artists, clowns, and all members of our communities. We work to spread the culture of clowning and circus arts by developing alternative education and playful interaction to celebrate creativity and promote enduring inclusivity in our society. 

We celebrate the arts for social change. We work with radical imagination and applied effort to open horizons and give possibility to what seems impossible. We work with children of 3 to 16 years of age coming from refugee communities and underprivileged rural areas. We believe we can coexist and celebrate our differences to collectively grow in collaboration and creativity. 

Bulaban Circus turned 2 years old in Spring, and we do not want to stop here! We need your support to keep our tent and activities alive, growing, and running. 

Help us keep our tent alive- our source of hope and joy in the community! Give Bulaban Circus a chance to stay alive and vibrant! 

About the Photographer Claudia Gschwend: 

Claudia Gschwend (b. 1991) is a London-based photographer from Switzerland. Her practice evolves around questions of identity, culture and human connections. She explores these topics globally, always looking for insight into different communities within their different environments. From capturing the work of a Swiss circus charity in Senegal, Lebanon and Turkey, collaborating with an anthropologist to research the traditions of a native tribe in Brazil’s Amazon to working with a journalist on a series of portraits and interviews with musicians in the UK and the Netherlands. Her curiosity always leads to new stories, with a focus on finding that moment of presence with the people in front of her camera. Her series on a Senegalese circus troupe was honored with the Portrait of Humanity prize 2022 by the British Journal of Photography and exhibited internationally in Melbourne, India, and London.